Sexy Sherlyn Chopra Hot Pictures

Sherlyn Chopra Biography- Sherlyn Chopra is half Christian and half Muslim with a Persian ancestry. Sherlyn Chopra was brought up as a Christian kid. Sherlyn Chopra was formerly known as Mona Chopra.But the outrageos actress says that her real name is Sherlyn Chopra .

Sherlyn Chopra says that her name ‘Sherlyn Chopra’ is super classy and ultra sexy.
This lady is really bold and always talks openly in the public and this makes her more and more popular. She even had an interesting chat session with the users on IndiaFM and her answers to their questions were really sexy and hot.More details on those are provided in the news section.

She was recently seen in action with whips and chains for the PETA campaign. She is not only a hot actress but also a great singer. She has released an album and is in the making of another sexy one.


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  1. HiYa-

    Love your pics…I think you are the Angel that is missing from heaven but Thank You for spend it with us. By far your the epitome of women on this planet :)

    Love to meet you some time and see what happens…


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