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Heena Khan Wallpapers: Heena Khan born to a muslim family in Srinagar, J&K moved to Delhi to do her management studies. As she belongs to Muslim family and also not from any cosmopolitan city and also did not had any filmy background she had to struggle a lot to get to the acting world.
Heena Khan was always an average student and more interested in painting and singing than her studies but had burning desire to become an actress. On the lighter side Amitabh Bachan and Kajol are Hina Khan’s all time favorite bollywood stars.

Latest about Hina Khan:

Recently came to know that Hina Khan is a very talented designer as well. If you remember recently there was a scene in which Akshara (Hina Khan) came up designs for jewelery?? It was done by Hina Khan in real!

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  8. YRKK title song is Super, Heena khan is very good acting as well her look is so pretty. wish u all the best.

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    ur mom looks better than u bt why does c cry alwayss witout having a reason….bt dear u r doing a grt job…all da best.
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  10. hi heena, u r so beautiful and look like my girlfriend,when i saw u on t.v i really thinking about her. thanks

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  16. hi heena …i like u very much u r a such a good actoress i see u r serial daily….YE RISHTA KYA KEHLATA HAI is one of my favourite serial….i like u r jodi AKSHARA & NAITIK….

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